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About Us

About Us

 Khantec, Inc. manufactures advanced Regenerative Air Filter (KRAF) equipment, especially suited for restaurants. 

This newly developed technology is highly efficient, requires lower capital investment than technologies with comparable efficiencies and has very low maintenance costs.

Install and forget it !

Conclusion: No need to clean or replace filters, which means no maintenance for over 10 years.  

Our Products ( KRAF for Restaurant emission )



As you may be aware, air quality improvement and emission controls are being addressed through new guidelines next year; these new guidelines will now require that more efficient filtering systems, capable of trapping fine particulate matter, be utilized. 

The Clean Air Act requires these improved standards be implemented through the States and their Air Quality Boards; the local air quality district is required to assist in meeting these new health and safety standards. 

Khantec has developed a new self-cleaning filtering system for use with under-fired char-broilers. 

This new technology has been approved by the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Management District (SJVAQMD), CA as an eligible device, providing an efficient method for eliminating or greatly reducing emissions generated from grilling.

If you would be interested in discussing this further, please contact us at your convenience.

Our Products ( Smart Combustion device)

Smart Combustion device measures the content of the gas coming into water heaters and other gas-powered devices and adjusts the air flow to optimize energy production by combustion, using "predictive measurement."

The device can reduce natural gas consumption by at least 10 percent in gas furnace, gas heat pump, fuel cell, natural gas vehicle, natural gas turbine and even for breweries.

The device uses an artificial intelligence algorithm, the most important process would be the machine learning from the real environment to improve its prediction accuracy.

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